From the first exploratory drawings to the final prototype we don't leave room for half-measures.
The design defines the essence
of each piece and develops its form in the character of every particular detail.
Formafluida designs and creates unique pieces which are produced in series using creative craftsmanship with industrial precision and our passion
for detail.


In order to give shape to our ideas we use all of the tools and machines available in the territory. The realization of every piece is the result of detailed processing on each component: manual, digital, numerical checks and laser technology.
Hand assembly and the final inspection are our trade-marks;
a plate with a serial number proves the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece.


Aluminum alloys, steel, tempered glass, micro-perforated fabrics are only some of the materials that we have used. We are not afraid to test out and use any long-lasting material with intrinsic value, expressivity and
a sustainable essence. Each of our pieces is designed and created with longevity of appeal and practicality in mind for both indoor and outdoor use.